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Tilt and slide balcony doors made ​​of the five-chamber system IGLO 5 and seven-chamber system IGLO ENERGY are energy efficient and innovative. They are an alternative for the standard double-sash balconies.
The doors are made of elegant, rounded GL System profiles, which guarantees their modern and exceptional design. In comparison to standard solutions - the opening of the tilt and slide balcony doors is very convenient and does not require any force. The sashes of the doors are on two independent guides, which overlap one at another, thus providing greater comfort and better functionality. Tilt and slide IGLO 5 and IGLO Energy doors are also available in the up-running system and its characteristic feature is the possibility of sliding wings,without lifting, which is ideal for small living rooms. The steering of the sash is possible thanks to special GU ferrules (in the case of the IGLO 5) and MACO ferrules (in the case of IGLO ENERGY), in which the moving elements, so-called trolleys, are in the upper part of the wing (contrary to standard systems, tilt-slide), whereas in the lower part of the sash, frame and guide are stabilizing the work (slide) of the sash. Doors are characterized by  high performance thermal insulation thanks to the aluminum threshold with thermal break. You can use two-way handles, door handles with lock and anti-theft hardware RC2N, affecting a high level of security.




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