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Om Drutex SA


Company has been operating on the Polish market since 1985.
In the first period of the company’s activity DRUTEX, which was functioning under the name Production-Service-Trade Company(P.P.H.U. DRUTEX) as an economic activity of a private person –Mr. Leszek Gierszewski, was active solely in a metal branch. Initially the company manufactured fence nets and since 1987 also wires and wire products. The character of the products influenced also the name of the company.

In 1994 DRUTEX launched both its first production line for PVC windows woodwork and also half-automatic production line for composite glass. Next stage of the company’s development was launching in 1999 the production line for aluminium woodwork. In the period of 2000-2002 the production capacity was being consistently extended, among other activities, through launching several new woodwork production lines, lines for glass cutting as well as automatic production lines to manufacture of composite glass. In 2002 DRUTEX introduced wood windows and doors woodwork. Since 1 July 2003 the company changed its form of law into joint-stock company and since then is operating under the name DRUTEX Joint Stock Company (DRUTEX Spółka Akcyjna)

Currently DRUTEX S.A. is the biggest manufacturer of PVC woodowork in Poland. In its offer the company has also windows, doors and facades made of aluminium and wood. DRUTEX S.A. stands for a modern company , which implements the most up-to- date solutions in its production process.
Impressive technical capabilities supported by professional knowledge and experience of the highly skilled employees make it possible to execute even the most difficult and sophisticated orders for the PVC, wood and aluminium windows, doors or facades woodwork.

Devoting our efforts to the continuing improvement of the offered products and services we are especially keen on manufacturing the highest quality products and are aiming to reduce the time both of the orders’ execution as well as the delivery period of the products straight to the customers. Currently DRUTEX S.A. offers products of the highest quality and very competitive delivery dates to any place in all countries within the European Union.





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